1855 Venture Club

What is the 1855 Venture Club?

This Spring, HVC is excited to announce the 1855 Venture Club, stemming from a partnership between the Alumni Ventures Group (AVG) and 1855 Capital, where you will be able to experience the complete process of how VC funds invest.

What you'll do

  • Associate members of the club will have access to all the information from AVG and 1855 Capital‚Äč, allowing for more access to syndications than any other type of venture club.

  • Conduct research and source/introduce deals or ideas to AVG & 1855 Capital

  • Review deals and investments from AVG & 1855 Capital

    • Some members will be given the opportunity to work with company materials, due diligence reports, scorecards, listen to phone calls, and read legal paperwork.